The quantities listed for sale are based on our closest estimations for available goods post-Olympic Games. The actual quantities available at the conclusion of the games may vary for the following reasons:

Loading: Whilst all care is taken, there may be small variances above or below the quantities stated in the auction lot due to differences during the loading of each container and the limited time available to load all the goods.

Loss, Theft & Damage: The volumes of stock offered by RGS Events are based on the volumes of stock that RGS Events supplied to the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. There is the risk that some stock is either lost, stolen or seriously damaged whilst in the possession of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games and that the quantities returned to RGS Events are less than the quantities delivered originally. RGS Events has no control and bears no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of stock during the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Rio 2016 withholding: The Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games retains the right to retain and withhold any goods supplied by RGS Events for legacy use. Whilst RGS Events does not expect any withholding, RGS Events has no control over any eventual withholding. In the event that the stock is not returned to RGS Events by the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, then such stock will not be available for resale, therefore RGS Events may be unable to fulfill orders involving this stock.

Should the variation be less than 10% of the total auction quantity, then you the Buyer will be refunded the money paid for the product price of the missing goods, including the deposit and balance payment. There will be no refund of the shipping costs as these are fixed per container. In the instance that the variation is greater than 10%, then you the Buyer will be notified with the option to receive the updated quantities of goods or, if you wish, to cancel the order and be refunded the monies paid, including the shipping costs. If the variation is above the quantities ordered, you will not be charged anymore for the additional goods. In the event that due to damage, loss, theft or withholding, RGS Events is unable to fulfill the order, then RGS Events retains the right to cancel the order at any time prior to shipment. In the event of cancellation, RGS Events will refund any monies paid by the customer for the goods, including the deposit, balance payment and shipping. RGS Events will not be liable for anything other than the amount paid by the customer; this includes loss of interest, loss of profit, monetary or other compensation or any other loss above and beyond the amount paid by the customer to BStock and/or RGS Events.